Simply had one or two inquiries ‘s the rapture knowledge a beneficial deception on the down pushes so you can abduct people in bulk?

Simply had one or two inquiries ‘s the rapture knowledge a beneficial deception on the down pushes so you can abduct people in bulk?

This type of Fell Angels when they propogated after which died, went on to help you “influence” men and women they propogated and you may regardless if anybody area alien classification know whom its progenitors was indeed was an incident by the circumstances basis

So that being said, I’ve only added new solutions to matter cut-off 5 and you will there will be much more in the future thereon take off after which stop six.

2nd real question is the brand new repetitive number password phenomena another deceit otherwise distraction if not do you shed light on the subject

I do not indicate to-be pestering you with each update I create but Really don’t must neglect your questions both and you may I am still-improving on my personal solutions, though it gets to be more and much more facts because there are countless record issues you to interplay

This can check surely in love, nevertheless whole culture – what we should all the consider the norms is actually a combination of mammalian instincts as well as their desire for success, Luciferian kind of “fallen angel” place aliens, today generally for the discarnate (spirit) form with their person and people similar descendants, on account of the way they propagate its seed having mortal humans toward Earth and how such identical descendants are influencing individuals (and you may factions inside army/government) on earth and then make selection that have a great deal to do on “trace governments” that are also about many events that usually is after titled conspiracies who happen to be and additionally primarily trailing the brand new UFO phenomena while the 1940’s and you may 1950’s up until now. A few of the accidents out-of what to the next stage perform end up being primitive spacecrafts your Second Top used to obtain crew regarding earth environment inside a keen undercover method for the newest A couple Witnesses (Ti and you can Would) provided endeavor of to provide a 3rd trimester conquering from humanness program to test the individuals they were offered getting sign up their teams due to the fact members of brand new evolutionary Height Over People, the outdated identity being “Kingdom away from Jesus” (Significantly more than Humans (current Of them) from the literal sky). These all compose new “Straight down forces”, an expression Ti and Create put as they had been every one of the evolutiouary level Less than The large evolutionary height. And they “straight down pushes” are named the fresh “beasts” that can have their heirarchy on of these known as Dragon speaing frankly about the real “fallen angels”. Nonetheless all the see just what Ti and Carry out known as Kingdom off God/Paradise – Evolutionary Top more than Human since only an organisation out over handle individuals, so that they are increasingly being humanitarian so you’re able to discount some away from religion for the Ti and you will Would as they wanted a certain amount of the subscription to displace people that pass away. Definitely this process of trying to help you inexpensive men and women individuals who were prepared by the next stage to own growth in certainly its trimesters to the “spirit/spirit beginning” has been taking place from the start of the try out those individuals named Adam-and-eve who were not the initial people in the world and you may weren’t fundamentally the first eg check out towards the Planet. Brand new urge out-of Adam and eve is one take to.

Thus in ways you are right. Rapture is another ways by which humans are going to be “caught” from the Luciferian lower forces if it is best application has to carry out which have individuals because of the chance to subscribe with a keen incarnate Older Member throughout the Next Level just who within the no less than the newest next and 3rd trimesters need “ilies to actually end up being that have and you may setting a genuine individual relationship with that Older Associate who will take her or him from the coaching they require into the stage he’s within contained in this about three trimester birthing system. This is the Next Peak “finding out” (rapture) a human off their or even normal mammalian existence, illustrated by Goodness claiming so you’re able to his disciples which he are going to ensure they are “fishers of males(humans)”. The individual group don’t want to forget about those individuals people any more than simply a father or mother happen wants to clean out the girl young (which is up to they may be able fend for themselves then they have to fend for the higher part by themselves). Of several for the people families cling to their young children despite it demonstrate to own develop.