On complete story away from Teacher Herouni’s discoveries within Carahunge, read the post lower than by Armenia Now journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

On complete story away from Teacher Herouni’s discoveries within Carahunge, read the post lower than by Armenia Now journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

Generally the reason being of the fool around with just like the a time marker, the a-listers becoming very nearby the northern celestial rod they flow little across years. Then there is the condition for the Milky Means, where exactly that it starry load bifurcates to create what’s understood as the Cygnus Crack otherwise Dark Rift. Universally, this region of your own air has been found while the section of accessibility toward heavens-world, plus a place regarding cosmic delivery and you may dying. That frequently the fresh new title ones wild birds corresponded having the way the famous people regarding Cygnus was indeed depicted inside the regional mythologies – a beneficial falcon in Egypt, a good vulture on the Euphrates and good swan from inside the Hellenic Greece and you may Chicken.

I am not saying astonished one to Carahunge are aimed so you’re able to Cygnus, though it is often enjoyable whenever your theories are provided so you can be genuine. I also envision you will find even more to know about the fresh prehistoric values of your own proto Armenians, as well as how it stored real age-old values one returned as much as Palaeolithic minutes.

It actually was as well as the lay where souls of the lifeless flew regarding afterlife, that often followed closely by, or even in the form of, a bird, seen as a psychopomp , a spirit carrier

Professor Herouni provides composed a text away from his findings in respect to help you Carahunge. Named ARMENIANS And you will Dated ARMENIA “, it gives persuasive facts this particular epic megalithic site more than 2 hundred position stones dispersed across the eight hectacres, is actually developed and utilized by an enhanced society. The publication provides a detailed cause of the stone memorial really works because the a substantial observatory, and teaches you the context because foundation section out of Armenia and you will Armenian record.

Yet another guide states one to Armenia’s Carahunge observatory is proof of the latest world’s eldest civilization. Scientist and you may radio physicist Paris Herouni contends for the “Armenians and you will Dated Armenia” you to definitely a sophisticated culture resided from inside the Armenia eight,500 in years past. Herouni, a scholar of Radiotechnical Department out-of Moscow Electricity Institute possess 350 had written scientic performs, as well as monographs and 23 patents. As the 2000 he or she is a person in the team “Visitors to Someone Ambassador” Usa, which has 31 top experts around the globe.

Herouni, 72, says he was not wanting to acquire magnificence otherwise revolutionize history with his book, composed in . Using scrupulous research, he states, he hit the conclusion that the stone system at Carahunge is actually research that Armenia’s culture predates the brand new Egyptians and Sumerians by 2,500 many years.

“You can find amazing buildings globally – new pyramids regarding Egypt, Stonehenge, great temples in the Southern American rainforests, which were composed at the very least six-15,100 in years past. Who’re its experts? The nation does not know,” he says.

I do believe you to in many years to come we shall see an excellent lot more regarding cult of one’s swan, and its particular link to the earliest air-religions of your own old business

“Boffins discover that all of those may be the results of a great establish culture, even so they don’t know where one society came from. So it guide gets a reply: Carahunge demonstrates to you you to eight,five hundred years ago Armenians had a reliable and you may detailed degree. It knew your Environment try round, realized the sizes. It know your Planet try spinning as much as its axis, while the guidelines of one’s course best hookup apps of cone-molded axis, also known as precession.”

From year to year as 1994 Herouni has actually prepared scientific outings during the their individual costs to study Carahunge, that is founded close to the city of Sisian, 200 kilometers southern-east of Yerevan. It’s made up of countless vertically condition rocks out-of and therefore 223 was indeed numerated of the Herouni’s scientific expedition. Of these, 84 stones has gaps computing 4-5 centimeters during the diameter and you may prepared properly, leading in almost any instructions. Carahunge contains 80 stone telescopic systems, with managed its precision. Herouni says as you are able to utilize them for performs right now.